Roller Driver

We often use roller drivers in various designs in order to transport flat, round and also polygonal products in a production line. There are many possibilities. We always adapt these to the customer's requirements. We offer a variety of drive roller coatings, minimum or maximum clamping forces, double or triple drivers, as well as underwater drive units.

Tangential roller driver

Tangential roller drivers feed the tubes or rods to a machine while setting them in rotation. This type of infeed is suitable for straightening machines, test systems and forming machines of all kinds.

The tangential roller driver can be designed with either horizontal or vertical drive rollers, depending on the available space or customer requirements. The driving rollers are inclined to set the product in rotation. The angle of the driving rollers can be set manually or by a higher-level control depending on the product. The driving rollers are each driven by a servomotor, which is connected by a drive shaft to the driving roller. This helps to ensure synchronisation between the driver and the following machine, for example a straightening machine. The design of the driver is always adapted to the customer's requirements.

Feeding device

For particularly high feeding forces, as well as for bonderised and greased tubes, we recommend mounting a feeding unit to the tube rotary swaging machine. The feeding of the workpiece takes place with simultaneous rotary movement with a clamping unit that is arranged on a hydraulically actuated slide.

It is not necessary to replace the clamping jaws for different dimensions due to the large clamping range. The feeding speed, the revolution of the clamping jaws and the clamping force are independent of each other hydraulically manually and steplessly adjustable.

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